LV Buildings Insurance

LV Buildings Insurance

Browsing for cheaper buildings cover? LV Buildings Insurance has many great features for you!

LV Buildings Insurance provides the best buildings cover at the cheapest price. In 2008 by Which? Money magazine it was voted ‘Best Buildings Insurance’!

LV Buildings Insurance

Browsing for cheaper buildings cover?

LV Key Facts

  • LV Buildings Cover
  • Up to £1,000,000 on rebuilding
  • Cover for Fire, loss of water, loss of oil, theft, storm or flood and subsidence
  • Accidental damage to cables, underground pipes and drains
  • Up to £2,000,000 on property owner’s liability
  • And much more…

LV Buildings Insurance is a fully comprehensive product that gives the best cover options at competitive premium rates. LV’s buildings cover was voted the best in 2008 by Which? Money magazine.

Get the cover for your property that you need with LV Buildings cover and get total peace of mind that you’re property is fully covered.

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