Saga Car Insurance

Saga Car Insurance

20% Online Discount with Saga Car Insurance for the over 50's

20% online discount with Saga Car Insurance, they are the No 1 choice for over 1 million drivers aged over 50 in the UK. With fantastic levels of cover and service all at very competitive prices. Why not take a look below at all the benefits:

Saga Car Insurance

Over 50's Save 20%

Saga Key Facts

  • Specialist car insurance for the over 50's
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Free courtesy car for a maximum of 14 days
  • Emergency ‘any driver’ cover
  • Personal belongings cover up to £1,000
  • Save 20% online discount
  • This offer may change. Please visit the Saga website for current offer details.

Saga Insurance is part of Saga Services Ltd a company specialising in holidays and Insurance products for the over 50's in the UK. The Company boasts several very large call centres all based in the UK. Saga car insurance is the choice of over 1 million drivers all over 50 and today, Saga Insurance is now the UK's leading insurance provider for the over 50's. Saga Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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  • Saga Car Insurance contact details and information:
    Postal Address: Saga Insurance Services The Saga Building, Middelburg Square, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1AZ
    Telephone Number: 0800-414525
    Website Address:

    Motorists have billions worth of gadgets in their vehicles says Saga

    The over 50s car insurance specialist saga has conducted a survey and found that UK motorists have billions worth of gadgets in their vehicles.

    Saga is the most competitive motor insurance company in the UK

    One of the big motor insurance comparison websites has just revealed that Saga Car Insurance has come top for being the most competitive priced insurer.

    Half of motorists aged over 50 don’t check their cars oil level

    A new survey published today has revealed that around 50 per cent of motorists aged over 50 don’t check their cars oil levels regularly and therefore risk engine failure to their vehicle.

    Saga Adds Accident Healthcare To Their Motor Insurance Cover

    Saga Car Insurance the over 50s motor insurance specialist has now added personal injury cover to their selection of car insurance policies that will cover motorist against accidents that happen on the road.

    Motorist Start To Implement Cost Saving Measures Says Saga

    With the current economic climate the aim is to save money, and motorist are now starting to implement cost saving measures in an attempt to cut the cost of driving says Saga Car Insurance, the over 50s motor insurance specialist.

    UK motorists would consider crashing their car for money

    A report just released by car insurance price comparison site moneysupermarket has revealed that many UK motorists would consider crashing their car for money by staging a road accident.

    Married Couples Could be Missing Out on a Cheaper Car Insurance Premium

    One of the big car insurance comparison web sites has confirmed that married couples could be missing out on a cheaper car insurance premium. In fact they could save up to 16% by simply informing their motor insurance company.

    Homeowners Cost Cut On The Wrong Things Says Norwich Union

    There is no doubt that homeowners are now tightening their belts because of the credit crunch, but it has been revealed by a recent study conducted by Norwich Union Home Insurance, that most people are reducing their cover on home insurance in the event of trying to save money.