Get adequate travel insurance before skiing on the slopes says AA

AA holiday insurance is reminding all skiers to get adequate travel insurance before skiing on the slopes. Before you set off on a winter sports holiday aboard make sure you’re covered says the AA.

When skiing if you where to have an accident and you don’t have adequate insurance cover then you would have to pay medical costs plus the cost of you getting back home. In some extreme cases you may even need a helicopter to rescue you if you are injured when skiing that you may have to pay for yourself.

If you where to be treated for a broken leg it could you around £10,000 in medical costs in America, when the same injury costs around £4,000 in Europe. If you have not got travel insurance your treatment costs could make you’re holiday a very costly one.

When you’re skiing on the slopes nowadays because some of the resorts are very popular you will find that they are overcrowded and increase the chance of having an accident with someone else, even if it is not your fault.

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