Homeowners stay safe on Bonfire Night with these helpful tips

One of the big house insurance providers Tesco is warning all homeowners to stay safe on Bonfire Night, as home insurance claims usually increase over this period. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe and secure.

On Bonfire Night insurance claims are usually up on average by over two hundred percent when compared to the average in November as a whole says Tesco.

Fireworks and bonfires at home can cause damage to buildings and sheds, so make sure they are a safe distance away. Hedges and trees can sometimes catch on fire.

Homeowners should also make sure that their properties doors and windows are locked, and the alarm is switched on if you go out to see a fireworks display somewhere, as thieves tend to target many houses at this time.

Always keep your animals indoors too and perhaps leave the television or radio on to provide background noise as animals can get scared by loud noises created by the fireworks.

Public liability insurance maybe an option and is recommended if fireworks are being set off at your home.

Don’t let Bonfire Night burn a hole in your pocket, make sure your covered with a good insurance policy.

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