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Inflation To Hit 5 Percent Say Consumers

UK consumers are forecasting 5 percent inflation this time next year according to the most recent Lloyds TSB Barometer survey. This is the tenth time in a row that the expectation has been increased inflation.

Childrens Pocket Money Lower Than Last Year

Compared with last year the children of the UK are receiving less money than they were, the average down to GBP6.13 a week compared with GBP8.03 in 2007 according to Halifax figures.

Heating Oil Theft On The Increase

Homeowners who heat their properties with oil are being warned to check their insurance policies and security measures as thefts of heating oil are reportedly on the rise say the Abbey National.

High Street Bank Introduces New Account

The Vantage current account has been introduced by top high street bank Lloyds TSB, paying interest on credit balances that is tiered depending on the amount of money in the account.

Clearer Card Reward Programmes Wanted

Sainsburys Banks is asking for credit card reward programmes to be less complicated and clearer to understand so that consumers can make an informed decision.

Chinese Bank Takes Stake In Major UK Insurance Company

One of the biggest life insurance companies, the Prudential, has seen a 1 percent stake in the business bought by the Peoples Bank of China.

Brown Misrepresented Return On Sale Of Bank

Gordon Brown has allegedly misled the UK public over Northern Rock, claiming that the bank could be sold for a profit though advisors to the Prime Minister told him this was not possible.

Major Lender To Close Estate Agent Branches

Around fifty estate agencies owned by the Halifax are to be closed as the housing market fails to sustain them. Around 100 jobs are likely to be lost following the closures.

Alternative Source Of Income

For homeowners wondering how to better manage their finances the Abbey National is suggesting the idea of taking in a lodger to raise extra money.

Oh No Says ASA Not Oh Yes

Churchill Insurance, with the bulldog that says Oh Yes, has seen a complaint about their advertising upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Bank Restructures Regions

In a major reorganisation of its structure Citibank has changed the way it works in the Asian Pacific region of the world, placing more responsibility in the hands of selected executives.

Market For Travel Stays Unchanged

Spending on travel insurance and currency has, according to a study by Post Office Insurance, gone up over the last two months, somewhat unexpectedly considering the general economy.

Bank Holiday Plans Changed Because Of Fuel Prices

AA Insurance has been polling motorists and found that the long standing British tradition of heading out in the car is falling out of favour this year as the seemingly constant fuel price rises bite.

Profits Increase For Specialist Insurer

Profits for the first half of the year are up by 3.4 percent for Hiscox thanks to their move towards more specialised areas of insurance.

Short Break Travel Cover Price Cuts

Anyone thinking about a short break can now get their travel insurance for less from Tesco Finance as they have just announced cuts in their prices.

Card Holder Bonus

A new credit card has been introduced by the Halifax, providing 11 months of 0 percent transactions as well as balance transfers. It is called the All in One card and both current and new Halifax customers can take advantage of the offer.

Luggage Protection Whether Home Or Abroad

Travel insurance is often thought of as something for overseas holidays, but Legal and General are advising people going on any sort of holiday to make sure they get travel insurance.

Dogs Ailments Should Be Insured

More Than Insurance are following up on a BBC programme that showed the problems facing several breeds of dog by asking people to check they have suitable pet insurance in place.

20 August – Cut In Home Loan Rates

Today has seen the Abbey National announce a number of cuts in its mortgage rates, with a large number of different mortgage products included, especially the flexible and fixed rate mortgages.

Shareholders Urged To Support Takeover

Shareholders in the Alliance and Leicester have received a letter from the chairman highlighting the reasons why accepting the takeover bid from Santander makes good sense.

Savings Used To Fund Holidays

The Abbey National has found that approximately 61 percent of people going on holiday from the UK have used existing savings account funds to finance the trip.

The Cost Of Children In The Home

The Abbey National is reminding parents, or anyone that has children in their home, that the little angels are a big source of home insurance claims, making suitable contents insurance vital.

Careless Driving Law In Force Today

A new law comes into force, covering death by careless driving, though Direct Line are asking for a review since the laws are different for those with and without car insurance.

Irish Customers For Building Society

As part of its development the Nationwide Building Society is planning to offer savings products to customers in Eire.

Pet Health Comes First In UK

A new Tesco Finance study has found that we are almost twice as likely to buy pet insurance than health insurance.

Further Rate Reductions Announced On Popular Home Loans

The Halifax, noted as one of the prime UK mortgage providers, has just cut the mortgage rates on some of its most popular home loan products.

Drink Driving Convictions Must Be Declared

It is vital for drivers to disclose any convictions they may have had, especially drink driving ones since they could well invalidate any car insurance the driver has said a Norwich Union representative.

Fixed Rate Property Loan Rates Reduced

Northern Rock has followed the market trend and reduced its fixed rate mortgages from 7 down to 6.43 percent.

Investment In UK Bank Recommended

An industry expert has suggested that Lloyds TSB is an excellent investment right now, even though the banking sector as a whole is going through a very tough time.

Elderly Parents Supported By Family

Saga Insurance has completed a study that finds the inheritance usually passed on to children will become more and more likely to be used to pay for long term care for elderly parents.

Public Venue Policy Offered

Hiscox the specialist insurance company has just announced a new policy that caters for high quality venues.

Home Loan Businesses Overlap

Owner of the Halifax, HBOS, is set to cut back on staff at some of its other departments in order to better organise their mortgage business.

Unused Child Trust Fund Vouchers Costly

Almost a quarter of a billion pounds is being lost by people who are not taking advantage of Child Trust Fund Vouchers according to the Nationwide Building Society.

Cycle Theft Warning

Bicycle owners are being asked by Sainsburys Bank to make sure they keep their bikes secure, even when they are at home, to avoid becoming victims of theft.

Chairman Of The Board Announced

The new chairman at the Prudential has been named as Harvey McGrath. His last role was chairman of Man Group, one of the biggest hedge fund management companies in the UK.

Value Of Typical Brit Revealed

A study carried out by Post Office Insurance has found that GBP350,000 is the average value the typical UK adult places on themselves having totted up their assets.

More People Not Saving

Results produced by the Nationwide Building Society for the month of July show that one in five adults are not saving any money.

What Makes An Entrepreneur

From discussions with business owners the Alliance and Leicester has found that most successful entrepreneurs are the first born in their family and usually have at least one sibling.

One In Four Not Arranging Journey Cover

According to Sainsburys Bank one in four UK holidaymakers will leave the country without travel insurance on their summer holiday.

Losses Of Over GBP500 Million Reported

In the first half of this year Northern Rock has seen losses of GBP585 million, with a large amount of these losses caused by mortgage defaulters.

Average Vehicle Policy Costs Break GBP500 Barrier

Sainsburys Bank has announced that the average cost of car insurance has gone over GBP500 for the first time since they began collating the data.

Range Of Investment Bonds Introduced

Six new investment bonds have just been launched by the Nationwide Building Society, paying rates of interest of up to 6.7 percent per annum.

Pension Payouts To Be Decided By Postcode

Prudential customers are going to see their postcode being a factor in how much pension they receive when they use their annuity to buy a regular payment pension.

UK Bank Set To Be Bought

The Alliance and Leicester has been sold, subject to final confirmation, to Santander. This according to latest reports claiming an agreement had been reached.

Profits Down By A Third

Profits for the first six months of the year were down by 33 percent for Barclays, though some divisions, such as Barclays Insurance, supported others by performing well.

House Prices Down Again In July

House prices for July fell by 1.7 percent in July according to the latest Halifax report, taking prices down to where they were in June 2006.

SEC Settlement Agreed

Following on from the recent auction rate securities issues Citibankl has reached an agreement with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the United States.

Cover For Students Property Important

As around 1.7 million new students head for university this year Esure are urging them, and their parents, not to forget about home insurance.

Big Fine For Cancelled Policies

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined Hastings Direct well over GBP700,000 for cancelling customers car insurance policies unfairly.

Second Home Protection Required

Owners of holiday homes and second homes are being asked by AA Insurance to check that they have adequate home insurance in place for when the property is unoccupied.

Part Time Work For Students

According to the most recent Natwest Bank Student Living Index approximately 4 out of 10 students will be taking part time jobs during the coming academic year.

Summer Lightning Storms Warning

Homeowners are today being reminded by the Halifax that lightning storms are more common in summer and so home insurance should include cover for them.

Reduced Cost Travel Cover

The generous people at Marks and Spencer are providing a 20 percent discount on travel insurance, this being in addition to any of their other discounts offered.

100 Percent Return Offer For Savers

A great opportunity comes from the Bank of Scotland ideal for first time buyers trying to save up a deposit. They are offering a 100 percent return.

Basic Living Costs Need More Than Basic State Pension

The basic state pension will not cover the costs that are involved with a reasonable standard of living say the Prudential.

One Provider For Ease Of Use

According to a survey that the Abbey National has just completed around a fifth of people in the United Kingdom use one financial organisation for the accounts.

Savings Options For The Over 50s

A couple of new savings products have been introduced by the Alliance and Leicester specifically for the over 50 market.

Living Expenses Met By Savings

The Abbey National has found that the savings built up by people are sometimes used to meet the basic living expenses that have risen so much recently.

Rate Cuts For Tracker and Fixed Home Loans

Good news for home buyers comes from the Natwest Bank, where cuts of up to 0.3 percent have been announced on some of the fixed rate and tracker mortgages.

Employment Confidence Falls

The latest review of consumer confidence with regard to employment security and prospects has shown a big downturn compared with the same time last year.

New Term Student Accounts Introduced

With the new term approaching the Abbey National has launched a couple of new student accounts, one of which targets the international student.

Retirement Planning With Diverse Funds

For anyone interested in spreading their pensions investments over a range of funds the new Legal and General Portfolio Plus Pension could be perfect.

Asia And Emerging Markets Expansion

The emerging markets sector is one that the Prudential has worked strongly in and is now developing further as they strengthen their ties with Standard Chartered.

Bank Profits Down

Lloyds TSB reported large falls in profit for the first half of the year, down by around seventy percent when compared with the first half of 2007.

Possible Payouts For Policy Holders

Norwich Union policyholders could receive, on average, a thousand pounds if they accept an offer from the insurer regarding surplus funds.

US Securities Investigation Anticipated

Citigroup, the parent company of Citibank, is expected to face an investigation by the United States finance regulator over possible breaches of securities law.

Younger Drivers Going Green

Esure car insurance has found through a recent survey that support for eco-friendly vehicles comes from younger people more than older ones.

Regular Tyre Checks Important

Well known vehicle breakdown company the RAC is reminding drivers that it is important to check both the condition and pressure of their tyres regularly.

PPI Provider Receives Fine

Payment Protection Insurance provider Liverpool Victoria has been fined almost GBP850,000 because of the way it has been selling the product.

Housing Market Falls Once More

Reporting the state of the housing market since 1991, the Nationwide Building Society has this month seen the largest year on year fall since records began.

Profits Down For Home Loan Supplier

Results for the first half of the year have seen the Alliance and Leicester report profits of just two million pounds, somewhat less than the two hundred and ninety million pounds profit from the same period last year.

Tracker Launched Into Home Loan Market

A new tracker type mortgage has been introduced by Legal and General, with a twenty-five percent deposit required by the customer.

August Sees New Fixed Rate Bond Launch

A new fixed rate bond has been introduced by the Abbey National, with a one year term and an attractive 6.75 percent rate of interest on offer.

Premiums Maybe Five Percent More Come December

Drivers should be prepared for their car insurance premiums to be about five percent more than they are now by the end of the year warns Admiral.

Property prices are on the increase says Nationwide

According to Nationwide the house insurance and mortgage specialist, property prices have increased during November.

Around ninety five thousand homeowners move property because of their neighbours

A new report has revealed that around ninety five thousand homeowners have moved home because of their neighbours.

Get adequate travel insurance before skiing on the slopes says AA

AA holiday insurance is reminding all skiers to get adequate travel insurance before skiing on the slopes. Before you set off on a winter sports holiday aboard make sure you’re covered says the AA.

The cost of your car insurance can depend on where you live

According to a car insurance comparison site they believe that the cost of your car insurance premium can depend on where you live in the UK.

Post Office gives additional home contents protection over Christmas

Post Office house insurance is to provide it is current policyholder’s additional home contents protection over the Christmas period.

Legal and General to team up with the 1 Answer broker network

1 Answer Network the broker network for insurance has just teamed up with Legal & General house insurance to offer buildings and home contents cover to its broker network clients.

Television presenters dog co host Buster dies of cancer

Paul O'Grady the channel 4 television presenter is said to be devastated after losing Buster his pet dog to cancer.

Walking your dog can be more beneficial than going to the gym says expert

A new study by a pet insurance health expert is saying that walking your dog once a week can be more beneficial than exercising in the gym.

Thousands of homeowners are making the most of the stamp duty holiday period

One of the big home insurance comparison websites has just revealed that thousands of homeowners are making the most of the stamp duty holiday period before it ends.

Top performing schools in the area can add value to your home says Nationwide

Nationwide house insurance states that by living close to a top performing primary school it could potentially increase your homes value by around eight thousand pounds.

Richard Hammond is finally offered ski holiday insurance

The Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is finally offered ski holiday insurance by travel insurance specialist Insureandgo.

Free carwash for 12 months with Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer motor insurance are offering all new customers who buy a policy from a free carwash for 12 months.

More Than offers advice to homeowners about flooding

More Than the household insurance specialist is offering advice to homeowners about flooding and how you can protect your property and if the worst should happen, what to do.

Do not forget to insure your pets says post office

Post office pet insurance is asking pet owners who have pedigree dogs to take out pet cover for their dog in an act to save money on costly vet medical bills.

Young motorists need to change their attitude when driving says AA Insurance

AA motor insurance is saying that young drivers need to change their attitude when driving on the road in order to act more responsible when driver on the roads.

Do not trust internet comparison sites says Which

According to new research from Which? Around 30 per cent of people believe that comparison sites like go compare home insurance offer homeowners the cheapest deals.

Women drivers feel uncomfortable about taking their car to the garage says Diamond

A new survey conducted by the women’s car insurance specialist Diamond has revealed that many women drivers feel uncomfortable about taking their car to the garage that employs only male mechanics.

Some convicted drink drivers are uninsurable says comparison website

Nationwide motor insurance has stated that some convicted drink drivers are uninsurable and that some insures may even refuse to insure them all together.

Motorists should be told if they are being taught by a trainee driving instructor says AA

According to the breakdown cover specialist the AA, they believe that drivers should be told if their driving instructor is a trainee.

New multi policy insurance system now available from More Than

More Than Home Insurance has just launched a brand new insurance product that they claims will change how individuals will pay for their different insurance policies.

Get home contents insurance as burglaries are on the increase says Sainsburys

According to the house insurance specialist Sainsbury's, insurance claims have dropped despite an increase in burglaries. Probably due to the fact that many homeowner’s are now not taking out home contents insurance.

How to protect your home from damage caused by bad weather says confused

The home insurance comparison site is advising all homeowners how to protect their home from damage caused by bad weather.

Young drivers are asking their parents to teach them how to drive

According to a car insurance comparison site a survey has revealed that young drivers are asking their parents to teach them how to drive rather than paying for expensive driving lessons.

Pet owners are more likely to stay at home on Bonfire Night

A survey conducted by top pet insurance company Argos has found that pet owners are more likely to stay in with their beloved pet on Bonfire Night.

Homeowners need to check appliances to order to save money on heating bills

The home insurance company, on Endsleigh is advising all homeowners to check the timers on electrical equipment like heaters in an attempt to cutting the cost of expensive heating bills.

Uninsured motorists cost insurers around 500 million pounds a year

According to one of the big car insurance comparison sites on, uninsured motorists cost insurers around 500 million pounds a year.

Motor insurance companies cannot depend on car black boxes says RAC

RAC the motor insurer says that car insurance companies should not be too dependant on car black boxes, a box that collects data by event data recorder or EDR boxes, because the motorists actions will not be recorded by the box.

Housing market is falling behind demand says National Association of Estate Agents

New research has found that the number of individuals looking to get on the property market is falling behind demand, says the National Association of Estate Agents.

Household insurance polices need to be checked as days get shorter says More Than

The home insurance specialist More Than is advising all homeowners to make sure their policies are up to date with the arrival of the winter months, as less hours of daylight can allow thieves to take advantage of the dark.

Postal strike causes delay in motor insurance documents being sent says AA

The recent postal strike and dispute between postal workers and the Royal Mail is causing a delay in the delivery of car insurance documents says the AA.

Insurance claims for flooding may rise to four billion by 2035 says Cooperative

Insurance claims for flooding may rise to four billion by 2035 says home insurance provider the Cooperative.

Homeowners stay safe on Bonfire Night with these helpful tips

One of the big house insurance providers Tesco is warning all homeowners to stay safe on Bonfire Night, as home insurance claims usually increase over this period. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe and secure.

Having a lodger requires homeowners to assess their level of cover says Halifax

The household insurance specialist, the Halifax is warning homeowners that have a lodger that they may need to assess the level of cover required on their property.

Not all car insurance premiums are increasing in price

One of the big car insurance comparison websites is advising all motorists that not all premiums are increasing in price.

Homeowners need to be aware the impact that dark nights can have on their home

The home insurance specialist the Halifax is warning all homeowners that they need to be aware of the impact that dark nights can have on their home, and that they may want to take steps to make sure that burglars don’t use the darkness to try and break into their property.

Purchase your holiday insurance early says Post Office

The travel insurance specialist the Post Office is advising all holidaymakers to prepare more in advance before going on half-term holiday breaks.

Women driver stereotypes are a thing of the past says Diamond

Research from the women's car insurance specialist Diamond has revealed that old fashioned stereotypes concerning lady drivers and motor vehicles are a thing of the past.

Travel Insurance specialist warns holidaymakers of airline failure

The Travel Insurance specialist the AA is asking holidaymakers to be very careful when they book their next holiday aboard because around 50 travel companies have gone under over the last year.

Do not forget to include contents from wardrobe in house insurance

Liverpool Victoria the house insurance specialist is asking homeowners not to forget about including contents from your wardrobe in your household insurance policy.

Homeowners should make sure you get good value house insurance cover

The house insurance specialist Nationwide is warning homeowners make sure you get good value house insurance cover, whatever level of cover you want.

Kwik Fit and Michelin team up to give motorists 40 pounds free fuel voucher

Kwik-Fit and Michelin have teamed up together to offer motorists the chance to get free fuel only when they purchase Michelin tyres at any Kwik-Fit centre throughout the UK.

All motor cars are to be fitted with a digital radio from 2014

It has just been announced that from 2014 all new cars are to be fitted with digital radios as standard. The motor industry has just signed up to adopt the technology in the next five years.

Governments car scrappage scheme looks to be helping the car manufacturing sector

Car insurance specialist Barclays has just been complementary towards the government's car scrappage scheme as it is pulling many motorists into car showrooms to purchase new vehicles.

Pet owners reveal that pet cover is no longer considered a luxury item

One of the pet insurance comparison websites has just revealed information from pet owners that pet cover is no longer considered a luxury item and that policies like these can save them a lot of money.

UK motorists would consider crashing their car for money

A report just released by car insurance price comparison site moneysupermarket has revealed that many UK motorists would consider crashing their car for money by staging a road accident.

Inform your home insurer if you have a lodger says ABI

Having a lodger in your house could affect your home insurance policy says the Association of British Insurers so you need to inform your insurance company.

Uninsured drivers run the risk of getting caught

Uninsured drivers run the risk of getting caught and prosecuted if they do not take out a car insurance policy quickly warns the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Holidaymakers need to be careful with their bags says Post Office

The travel insurance specialist the Post Office is warning holidaymakers still to be careful with their bags, even though they may be insured.

Parking your vehicle can lead to getting many scratches

The car insurance specialist Aviva has revealed that they have seen an increase in claims concerning vehicles being scratched due to awkward parking spaces when parking a car.

Young motorists are purchasing powerful motor vehicles says AA

It has been revealed by the AA that young drivers are buying more powerful motor vehicles that are more expensive to buy and insure.

Motorists should shop around for the best deal on motor insurance

One of the big car insurance comparison sites is asking motorists to shop around for the best deal on motor insurance, as they are always likely to find a cheaper priced premium.

Post Office Holiday Insurance offer is extended for the over 65s

With an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy from the Post Office the over-65s will now get cover for all trips taken in that year.

Travel insurance for older holidaymakers has always been very expensive and includes stipulations on the policy that could get in the way of enjoying their holiday.

Many senior citizens today are finding it so expensive to go away on holiday abroad because of the high cost of travel insurance.

The Post Office now feels that with their new travel insurance policy for the over 60s that it should now be the end of expensive single trip travel insurance policies.

For more information on travel insurance see our comparison table.

Holidaymakers do not need to worry about airline collapses says MandS Money

Marks and Spencer the holiday insurance specialist is reassuring all their customers that all policyholders with their Independent traveller policy will be insured against loss if any airline collapses.

The over 50s tend to wait when it comes to going on holiday says Saga

Saga holiday insurance has just revealed information that states that over-50s holidaymakers are more likely to wait when it comes to going on holiday until around September.

Nationwide Building Society claims confidence is growing

Nationwide Building Society the home insurance specialist has made claims that homeowners are starting to feel confident again concerning the economic state of affairs in the UK.

Lady drivers do not like getting into their vehicles when they are alone

Sheila's Wheels the women’s car insurance specialist has recently conducted a survey and found that a large majority of lady drivers are anxious when getting into the motor vehicle when they are alone by themselves.

Motorist who shop around for motor insurance could save on average 141 pounds

By shopping around on the Internet for your car insurance you could potentially save on average up to 141 pounds says top motor insurance comparison site.

Over 50s homeowners worry about being burgled

One of the over 50s home insurance specialists has released information that many homeowners who are aged over 50 are worried about being burgled.

Motorists are looking to sell their second car says comparison site

One of the big motor insurance comparison sites has just revealed that motorists are looking to sell their second car in order to save some money.

Are your kids personal possessions covered at school says Direct Line

Direct Line the big home insurance provider is asking all parents to check that their kids are covered for personal possessions on their house insurance policy when at school.

Moneysupermarket urges students not to front their car insurance when at university

Many students who plan to take their car to university with them should have their own car insurance policy and not be classed as a second driver on their parents insurance policy says

More young drivers fail to insurer their vehicle says AA

AA motor insurance has revealed that more young drivers are failing to insurer their vehicle. It has been revealed that over 20 per cent of young drivers are driving without insurance.

Do not share your security details says LV

LV Home Insurance is warning all homeowners not to share your security details such as pin numbers and any other security details even with your family and friends.

Tips on how to keep your pet safe this summer

Petplan the pet insurance specialist has put some helpful tips together so animal owners can keep their pets safe over the next few months.

Holiday insurance is not an add on says ABI

The ABI is warning holiday makers that travel insurance should not be treated as an add on to you holiday requirements; it is an essential part of your travel needs when planning any trip aboard.

UK motorists are looking to sell off their additional cars

One of the big car insurance comparison sites has just announced that they are finding that many UK motorists are looking to sell their additional vehicles in an attempt to save money.

Students need to be more security conscious says Saga

Saga Household Insurance is asking all students to be more security conscious at their accommodation when at university and stop being easy targets for thieves and burglars.

Think twice about taking expensive gadgets to festivals says Post Office

Post Office House Insurance is asking festival goers to think twice about taking expensive gadgets to festivals, as it could be a costly mistake.

Summer months are busiest time for pet advice line says M and S Money

Marks and Spencer money have announced that the coming summer months is the busiest time of year for their pet insurance advice line.

Motorist should check their tyres more often says RAC

The RAC is advising all motorists to check their tyre pressure more often this summer.

Recession brings slapdash attitude to animals health says More Than

More Than Pet Insurance has just conducted a survey that reveals that pet owners in the UK have a slapdash attitude to animal’s health and safety as the recession deepens.

This recent study revealed that pet owners are prepared to give drugs to their pet themselves, in any attempt to save money rather than paying for a vet to administer the drugs.

Customers get their forgotten money at HSBC Bank

The HSBC Bank has managed to join up existing customers unused bank accounts that either the customers had forgotten about or were dormant accounts.

Homeowners confidence is on the up says Nationwide

Homeowners confidence is on the up says Nationwide the house insurance specialist, their latest consumer confidence index is now showing an increase of one point when compared to last month.

Barclays Bank first half profits has been announced for 2009

Barclays Bank first half profits have just been announced for 2009 and are £2.98 billion, eight per cent higher than last year for the same period in 2008 which was £2.75 billion.

European Health Insurance Card and what does it protect says Saga

A recent poll undertaken by travel insurance specialist Saga has revealed that nearly 10 per cent of holidaymaker plan to ditch traditional travel insurance and instead get a European Health Insurance Card.

Do not take risks with second-hand child seats says Sainsburys

Sainsburys motor insurance is bringing to motorist attention to those who have children not to buy second hand car seats, as you don’t know if they have suffered damage during a previous accident.

Car insurance policies money saving tips

Car insurance is crucial for any motorist and one of the big comparison websites has come up with some ideas that might help you save some money on your new renewal quotation.

Animal owners can now get 35 per cent off pet cover from Tesco

Tesco have a new promotion were they are offering pet insurance with a 35 per cent discount. With the current recession Tesco are now helping animal owners with this great offer. Offer valid until 19th August 2009.

Not buying holiday insurance could be a big mistake says Post Office

The Post Office is advising all holidaymakers to make sure they take travel insurance with them when travelling abroad, and that if they don’t it could leave them out of pocket.

Motorists have billions worth of gadgets in their vehicles says Saga

The over 50s car insurance specialist saga has conducted a survey and found that UK motorists have billions worth of gadgets in their vehicles.

AA Named Best Breakdown Provider by Which

It has just been announced by consumer magazine Which? That AA breakdown service has been named as the best breakdown service in the UK.

Are motorists becoming greener drivers

Admiral the motor insurance specialist is finding that motorists are becoming greener when it comes to their cars, as they are showing signs of caring for the environment.

AA says motor insurance premiums get more expensive

The AA British Insurance Premium Index has announced that motor insurance premiums are on the increase despite the continued recession.

The AVCIS gets grant for combating vehicle crime

It has just been declared that the Association of Chief Police Officers' Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service or the (AVCIS) will be awarded £300,000 to help combating vehicle crime in the UK.

Insurance fraud is on the increase says the ABI

Insurance fraud is on the increase and is costing the UK in the region of £1.9 billion every year, says the ABI.

Saga is the most competitive motor insurance company in the UK

One of the big motor insurance comparison websites has just revealed that Saga Car Insurance has come top for being the most competitive priced insurer.

AA introduces bankruptcy protection for holiday cover

It can now be revealed that AA Travel Insurance is including bankruptcy protection into their holiday insurance policies. This will protect consumers if travel agents and airlines go into bankruptcy in this turbulent financial climate.

UK motorists cut down on additional extras says Esure

Esure the motor insurance specialist has revealed that many UK motorists are cutting down on the number of additional extras they are taking out on the insurance policy.

Insurance fraud runs to around billions per year says ABI

It has been revealed that insurance fraud is on the increase and is costing up to £1.9bn per year says the ABI.

Things become clearer when travelling with swine flu

With swine flu becoming increasingly popular in the current news the ABI or the Association of British Insurers has some information to travelers who are being turned away from UK airports for showing symptoms of swine flu.

Your homes are at risk during the summer holidays says Direct Line

Direct Line the household insurance specialist has revealed data that homeowners tend to claim on their home contents insurance during summer months than any other time of year.

UK motorist are acting irresponsible behind wheel says Sainsburys

A new survey by Sainsbury's Car Insurance has brought to light that a large majority of motorists driving in the UK are acting irresponsibly behind wheel and do things when driving that could potentially be dangerous to other drivers.

Always check you’re covered with home insurance before holidaying at home

Holidaymakers who plan to take a holiday in the UK should check their home insurance policy documents to check that their personal possessions are covered.

Insurance claims increase for parked car collisions says AA

A new survey by the AA car insurance has established that eight out of ten motorists have had their motor vehicle damaged when it has been parked up at the side of the road or on a car park.

Aviva asks what type of motorist are you

A new survey conducted by Aviva insurance group has tried to categorise what kind of drivers there car insurance customers are when they rev up their engines and their behavioral characteristics when driving their vehicle.

10 per cent of holidaymakers are injured when adventuring abroad

New figures from Esure confirm that around 10 per cent of holidaymakers are injured when adventuring abroad on activity or sports holidays.

Buying home and contents cover together may not be the cheapest option

When purchasing home and contents cover together on your home insurance the AA states that this may not be the cheapest option for homeowners to save money.

Male motorist pay more on motor insurance in a lifetime than females

A recent poll carried out by one of the big car insurance comparison sites has found that on average men will pay £17,000 more on their motor insurance in a lifetime when compared to women.

Reducing the amount of cover could cause problems in the future says BIBA

A spokesman for the British Insurance Brokers Association has stated that reducing the amount of cover on your home insurance could cause problems in the future.

Motorists be aware of crash for cash scam on the road says More Than

A recent survey conducted by the car insurance specialist More Th>n has found that a large majority of drivers have never heard of the crash for cash scam.

Holidaymakers should not rely on the EHIC card says Direct Line

One of the top travel insurance providers Direct Line is warning holidaymakers and travelers the European Health Insurance Card is no substitute for a travel insurance policy when traveling aboard.

Do not bother trying to cut corners on motor insurance quotes warns BIBA

The British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) is warning all motorists to be careful on how you may try cutting corners to get cheaper motor insurance quotes. Full protection should be the aim for you and your vehicle.

Premiums for drink drivers go up in cost says ABI

The Association of British Insurers is warning convicted drink drivers that car insurance will become really expensive as many car insurers will not even provide insurance.

Cheaper contents insurance for Londoners on low incomes by Aviva

Aviva, the home insurance specialist is now working together with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Aon to bring cheap contents insurance to Londoners who are on low incomes.

Homeowners see Sky as more important than a home insurance policy

A recent study conducted by Legal & General has revealed that around 28 per cent of people living in the United Kingdom will shop around to reduce their home insurance premiums, but only 14 per cent stated that they wanted to cut the cost of their Sky television subscription.

Pet owners are cutting insurance cover

The recession is affecting everybody today, including our pets too. It’s clear that pet owners are cutting costs even on their pets by getting rid of pet insurance.

Airlines are still automatically adding travel insurance when they shouldn’t be

According to new research from Editor of Which? Magazine some of the top UK airlines are adding travel insurance automatically to customers bills when an EU ruling says that this is not allowed.

Are you covered against a DIY disaster asks Saga

Are you covered against a DIY disaster? Saga home insurance is highlighting the risk of not having accidental damage cover on your home insurance policy.

Women need to improve their car maintenance skills says insurance company

A new survey by Churchill Insurance is warning women to improve on their car maintenance skills or be left at the roadside stranded. I know women can join a breakdown cover company if their car breaks down, buy women should be able to do simple checks on their vehicle.

Men are tops when it comes to car maintenance

A new study conducted by Churchill Car Insurance has just revealed that men are better than women when performing simple maintenance checks on their motor vehicle.

Local businesses should be safeguarded against floods

Aviva, the home insurance specialists are warning all local businesses to assess the risk of flooding to their business. Don’t leave it too late to get adequate cover!

Homeowners see cost of running their home increase by two point six per cent

Recent research by Sainsbury's the Supermarket has just revealed that the average cost to homeowners for running their home in the last two years has gone up by two point six per cent with the costs of bills, other outgoings and mortgage repayments totaling to around £11,455 per year.

Homeowners can make your home safe for exercise

A recent study by a top UK home insurance company has just revealed that around 20 per cent of women have had an accident in their home that is related to exercise and fitness at home.

Half of motorists aged over 50 don’t check their cars oil level

A new survey published today has revealed that around 50 per cent of motorists aged over 50 don’t check their cars oil levels regularly and therefore risk engine failure to their vehicle.

Young drivers can cut the cost of their car insurance premiums

Young drivers today, have an up hill battle of trying to obtain a low cost car insurance premium. This is due to their age and lack of experience of driving a car on the road. So the insurance company sees them as a liability in their eyes so they charge the younger driver a high premium.

New figures claim that BMW motorist are not the worst drivers

A new study has just been revealed by the Auto Trader that BMW drivers are not the worst drivers on the road as many would think. New figures concerning car insurance claims now reveal otherwise.

Swiftcover Advert with Iggy Pop gets the ax

The Advertising Standards Agency or the ASA has banned the advertisement that features Iggy Pop advertising car insurance for Swiftcover insurance. The TV ad was misleading.

Protect your property against rain and floods

Over the recent weeks of stormy weather one of the big home insurance comparison sites revealed that they had an increase in household insurance cover enquires.

Holiday insurance is as important as you’re luggage, states Biba

The British Insurance Brokers' Association says that going on your holiday without adequate travel insurance is foolish and that for holidaymakers it is as import as your luggage.

Festival goers, your valuables in your car are only insured up to 100 pounds

With the summer festivals arriving soon like Glastonbury, are warning festival goers that many car insurance companies only provide insurance cover for stolen items in your car for up to 100 pounds in value.

25 per cent of Homeowners cancel house insurance cover says ABI

A recent study by the Association of British Insurers has just revealed that around 25 per cent of UK homeowners have cancelled their house insurance to try and save money in the current recession.

Summer could be an issue for homeowners says Saga Insurance

Current study conducted by Saga House Insurance has revealed that over the last decade, the summer months is when many policyholders of home insurance report that they have been burgled. It was found that the over 50’s were most affected by this.

Are motorists that opt for third party car insurance doing the right thing

It has been revealed by that 20 per cent of motorists are now opting for more basic third party cover and a cheaper car insurance policy in an act to try and reduce their spending.

AA Reveals that most Motorists say no to Hitchhikers

AA Motor Insurance has just revealed from a poll that the majority of motorists would not stop and pick up hitchhikers from the roadside. So if you’re thinking of trying to save money and hitch a ride, then you could be out of luck according to the results of this survey.

Motorists are fronting motor insurance policies says comparison website

It has been found by one of the big car insurance comparison websites that many drivers are breaking the law by fronting. This is when the driver is declaring their parents to be the main drivers of their own motor vehicle and not them in the effort of trying to save them money on their car insurance premium.

Modifications to your car could increase your insurance premium

I know some of us like to enhance our cars looks by adding larger exhaust pipes and spoilers, or tinted windows, but by adding these extras to your motor vehicle you could be looking at an increase in your car insurance premium.

Esure reveals listening to football on the radio whilst driving may cause an accident

To all you soccer fans out there! Be warned as a new study released by Esure the car insurance specialist has found that listening to your favorite football team on the radio whist driver your car could lead to a car crash or accident.

Halifax reveals around ten per cent of Homeowners has no Contents Cover

The home insurance provider the Halifax has just revealed that 10 per cent homeowners in the UK are running the risk losing their valuables and personal possessions, as many don’t have any home contents insurance at all.

Holidaymakers could be paying too much for their travel insurance

A recent survey conducted by Defaqto has found that many holidaymakers may be paying too much for their travel insurance cover due to a shift in holiday trend. Before many people where taking several holidays a year, but now people are just taking one holiday in the summer.

Accidental Damage Cover required for DIY homeowners

If you’re a do it your self homeowner then you should possibly make sure you have accidental damage cover on your home insurance policy. Especially with the many bank holiday weekends we have just had many homeowners are now doing their homes up to try and save money rather than getting a professional tradesman to do it. But if you make a mess and cause accidental damage to your home and your not covered if could cost you loads of money.

Comparison site provides free advice for movers with their house insurance

When moving home it can be a very stressful time without any additional worries, so has provided a guide on making sure your home insurance policy swap goes smoothly.

Motor Insurance Security Company Tracker wins security award

The car insurance security firm, Tracker has just recently won an award at the Fleet World Honours for their electronic homing device that helps recover car that have been stolen by thieves.

New motor cover from Diamond will help stop garages taking advantage

The women’s car insurance specialist Diamond has just launched a new product feature to their car insurance policy that will help women when taking their vehicle to a garage reduce the risk of them being taken advantage of because of their lack of mechanical knowledge with a car.

European Holiday Insurance is still popular despite the recession

The number of British holiday makers that are purchasing travel insurance and jetting off on a plane to a sunny destination in Europe this year is looking good despite the recession.

Halifax Claims 10 Per Cent of Homeowners Don’t have Contents Cover

One of the big home insurance providers the Halifax has just released news that around 10 per cent of UK homeowners don’t have contents cover on their home insurance policy.

The Co-operative States Repossessions Have Fallen by 50 Per Cent

Cis Home Insurance and the Co-operative bank have just announced news that over the last 16 months the number of repossessions it has had to deal with has fallen by 50 per cent.

Motor Insurance Cost Saving Tip from Biba when Driving Abroad

According to the Biba who are the British Insurance Brokers Association they are asking motorists when they purchase car insurance online do they really need driving abroad cover?

Married Couples Could be Missing Out on a Cheaper Car Insurance Premium

One of the big car insurance comparison web sites has confirmed that married couples could be missing out on a cheaper car insurance premium. In fact they could save up to 16% by simply informing their motor insurance company.

Household Insurer More Than Gives Advice for Securing Your Garden

The household insurance specialist More Than Home Insurance is giving advice to homeowners to start making their gardens more secure to stop the threat of theft.

Legal and General Insurance Join Forces with Merlin Claims

Home insurance specialist Legal and General has joined forces with Merlin Claims to enhance their home insurance claims service to customers. The aim is to deliver a more effective and efficient claims service for their customers.

Police State Over 400 Uninsured Cars Are Being Seized Every Day

The police and the Motor Insurers Bureau has just released news that over 400 uninsured cars are being seized every day. This recent success by the police and the Motor Insurance Database is due to the recent introduction of the Number Plate Recognition vehicles that are out on the roadside reading vehicles number plate. This should help reduce the cost of car insurance premiums.

TV Campaign with Iggy Increases Sales for Swiftcover

Swiftcover Car Insurance has just reported an increase in sales for this year of 31% compared with the same time last year. Swiftcover has put this down to their successful marketing campaign with the rock star, Iggy Pop.

Motor Insurance Premiums Rise for AA for Quarter One

The AA Car Insurance has announced a rise on premiums of 1.3% for annual comprehensive motor insurance for quarter one of 2009. Premiums usually fall for the first quarter and have done for the last five years, so this is seen as a big win for the AA.

Study Reveals That Many Drivers Have Failed to Renew Their MOT

A news study has established that around 3 million motorists have driven their car even after their MOT has expired. Many drivers had just forgotten to renew it and some still drove their car on the road even though they knew it had expired. Kwik Fit Car Insurance currently offer a FREE MOT test.

Saga Adds Accident Healthcare To Their Motor Insurance Cover

Saga Car Insurance the over 50s motor insurance specialist has now added personal injury cover to their selection of car insurance policies that will cover motorist against accidents that happen on the road.

New Overseas House Insurance Policy From Saga

Saga Home Insurance has just introduced a new house insurance policy specifically for holiday homeowners. Many people have still a second home abroad despite the recession.

Get A Whopping 45 Per Cent Off All 3 Levels of Tesco House Insurance

For a limited time only Tesco Home Insurance are now offering up to 45 per cent off their House Insurance, on all three levels of cover, these include Value, Standard and Finest Home Insurance. This current offer is only available until 27th May 2009!

Churchill Reduces Cost For Single Trip Holiday Insurance

We are more than pleased to announce that Churchill Travel Insurance have reduced their base premium value for single trip travel insurance cover to £6.30 from £10.07. This is great news for the traveler who can now get cheaper holiday cover.

Save An Extra 23 Per Cent With Admiral Multicar Insurance

When you purchase Admiral Car Insurance online if you insure two or more vehicles you could save an additional 23% off your motor insurance premium with Admiral Multicar.

Competition: Win An Electrician Course with Budget Van Cover

If you’re looking for a new career then why not become an electrician and enter free this fantastic competition where could win the chance to train and become a professionally qualified electrician. Budget Van Insurance and the Daily Mirror have given one lucky reader the chance to become an electrician.

Recommend A Friend And Get A 10 Pound Tesco Gift Card On Pet Cover

When you have become a Tesco Pet Insurance customer Tesco are offering you the chance to receive a £10 Tesco Gift Card or 1,000 Clubcard Points when you recommend a friend to buy their pet insurance.

Enter The M&S Pet Star Competition And Win Many Great Prizes

All you have to do to enter the M&S Pet Star Competition is when you get a quote from Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance just send an email to [email protected] with your quote reference number and your favourite pet photograph explaining why your pet deserves to be a star! Competition closes before 5 June 2009.

Win 5000 Pounds Home Makeover With M&S House Insurance

Yes, that’s right why not have the chance to win a £5,000 home makeover when you purchase a Marks and Spencer Home Insurance policy online. You will be automatically entered into their prize draw if you buy before 14 June 2009.

Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims Are On The Increase Says ABI

The ABI otherwise know as the Association of British Insurers has found that fraudulent car insurance claims are on the increase due to the recession. The ABI found that over £360 million claims were false last year an increase of around 30 per cent on last year.

Ladies Should Take More Care With Their Handbags Says Direct Line

A recent poll from Direct Line home insurance has found that just under a quarter of the women have not been taking adequate care concerning theft with their handbags.

DIY Projects Could Invalidate Your House Insurance Policy Says Halifax

A recent poll conducted by Halifax Home Insurance has found that many homeowners would not attempt a large DIY project on their home because they are not confident about doing so or could cause more damage on their home.

Driving Convictions Could Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums

One of the big car insurance comparison websites has warned motorists that driving convictions could dramatically increase your car insurance premium.

Home Insurance Fraud Is On The Increase Claims The ABI

Studies by the ABI also known as the Association of British Insurers has stated that home insurance claims are on the increase. According to their study over 30 per cent of claims were fraudulent compared with last year.

Homeowners Start To Cut Their Home Contents Insurance

A recent study by one of the big home insurance companies indicates that homeowners are cutting out contents insurance due to the current economic climate and consider contents cover to be a luxury item they cannot afford.

Homeowners Are Warned About Inadequate Cover For Garden Sheds

A recent study by one of the top home insurance providers warns homeowners about inadequate contents cover for their garden shed. The shed is today, at as much risk as your home for being burgled.

10 Per Cent Of Road Accidents Are Down To Fatigue Says Norwich Union

A new survey conducted by Norwich Union Car Insurance and Rac Car Insurance has revealed that 10 per cent of road accidents are caused by tired drivers.

Motorist Start To Implement Cost Saving Measures Says Saga

With the current economic climate the aim is to save money, and motorist are now starting to implement cost saving measures in an attempt to cut the cost of driving says Saga Car Insurance, the over 50s motor insurance specialist.

Homeowners Cost Cut On The Wrong Things Says Norwich Union

There is no doubt that homeowners are now tightening their belts because of the credit crunch, but it has been revealed by a recent study conducted by Norwich Union Home Insurance, that most people are reducing their cover on home insurance in the event of trying to save money.

A Third of Motorists Would Lie In The Event Of A Car Accident

It has been revealed by one of the big car insurance comparison sites that over thirty six per cent of drivers would tell lies in the event of a car accident to try and get a bigger claim.

Tesco Offers Price Cut On House Insurance Cover

Price cut! Yes, that’s right for a limited time only Tesco Home Insurance are now offering a 35% online discount plus an extra 16% off home cover until 27th May 2009. So now you can sit back and relax with Tesco’s home contents cover.

Direct Line Offers 25 Per Cent Discount On Holiday Insurance

When you buy from Direct Line Travel Insurance you’ll get 25% off the price policy when you buy it online. Single trip starts from £10.66 and annual cover from £48.25

2 Months Free Cover On Pet Cover From Direct Line

You can now get with Direct Line Pet Insurance 12 months cover for the price of 10 on all policies before May 20 2009. Plus you’ll also receive a 15% online discount off the price of your premium if you insurance more than one other animal.

Tesco Offers Clubcard Price Promise On Motor Insurance

Yes, you can now get a better deal on motor insurance with the new Clubcard Price Promise from Tesco Car Insurance. All you have to do is just enter your Clubcard number when you get a quote. This offer is valid for the next few months so don’t hang around.

Direct Line Offer 12 Months Cover For The Price Of 10 On House Insurance

Yes, that’s right Direct Line Home Insurance are currently giving 2 months free home cover until 30 April 2009, so don’t hang around if you want to take advantage of this great incentive.

Barclays Offers 2 months Free Cover On House Insurance

Yes, Barclays Home Insurance are currently offering 2 months free cover plus a fantastic 20% online discount only when you purchase a buildings and contents policy together. You’ll also be entered into a weekly prize draw were you’ll have the big chance of winning £1,000 (N.B this is a limited time offer only).

AA Forms New Partnership With Car Insurance Specialist LV=

When using the AA website to search for your car insurance it will now include within their panel of insurers, Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance. Their motor insurance panel will now include over 20 top motor insurers.

Home Insurance Renewals Can Be So Confusing

A recent survey by one of the big home insurance comparison sites has found that most of their customers find that when it comes to renewing their home insurance the renewal forms can be very confusing.

20 Per Cent Of Motorists Are Driving Without Motor Insurance

It has been found that around 20 per cent of UK motorists have been driving their car illegally.

You Can Stay Healthy While At The Wheel Says Diamond

The women’s car insurance specialist Diamond has just published a selection of exercises that will help motorists to stay healthier and fit whilst driving but still driving safely.

Drivers Downsize Their Cars During Economic Downturn Says LV=

The car insurance specialist LV= has research data that suggests that motorists are now starting to sell off their cars and purchase smaller models that will in the short term save them money during the current economic downturn.

Admiral Says Motorist Now Spend More Time At The Wheel Than At Home

A new study conducted by Admiral Car Insurance states that most drivers in the UK are spending more time at the wheel driving their car, than they would do relaxing and taking it easy at home sat on the couch.

Drivers Are Now Searching For More Economical Cars Says Swinton

New research from Swinton Car Insurance now suggests that motorists are now considering purchasing a car that is more economical and less expensive to run. The study revealed that the drivers top priorities was the price of the car, the annual insurance premium, amount of petrol it would use, road tax and maintenance costs.

Sainsburys Claim The Cost Of Motor Insurance Premiums Has Fallen

New research from Sainsburys Car Insurance has claimed that the average cost of motor insurance premiums in the UK between June and December 2008 has dropped by 3.1 per cent. It claims that the average premium was £498.22 in December 2008 compared with £514.36 in June 2008.