One In Four Not Arranging Journey Cover

According to Sainsburys Bank one in four UK holidaymakers will leave the country without travel insurance on their summer holiday.

As with many financial matters now it is the younger generation that is setting the good example, with older people seeming unwilling to change their habits. Almost 80 percent of young people, aged 16 – 24, have travel insurance in place said Sainsburys Bank, compared with just 67 percent of the 55 – 64 age group.

The biggest issue regarding travel insurance is the fact that people do not believe they need it. This was the response of 31 percent of respondents, making it the most common reason for not buying any. Sainsburys Bank are glad in a way that it is not affordability that is the problem, hoping that the realisation will hit these people and they will buy their travel insurance before it is too late.