Walking your dog can be more beneficial than going to the gym says expert

A new study by a pet insurance health expert is saying that walking your dog once a week can be more beneficial than exercising in the gym.

Most dog owners today will take their pet out for a walk at least five times a week totaling more than eight hours of walking around in the fresh air.

On the other hand homeowners who do not have any pets will get on average only 80 minutes of exercise when going to the gym every week for a workout. The study also found that around 47 per cent of people who did not owner a pet did not work out or do any exercise at all.

When pet owners walk their dog it is surprising how many hours you will do a week walking and how much exercise you have actually done.

A large majority of the individuals who were surveyed revealed that they would rather go for a walk with their dog than go to the gym.

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