Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

Compare Savings Accounts

Compare savings accounts from many of the top Banks all under one roof! Pick savings accounts from ICICI Bank, Nationwide, Alliance and Leicester, HSBC, Post Office, Scottish Widows, Barclays and many more. Apply now for an instant access savings account, fixed rate bonds, cash isas and regular savings accounts!

Below is a list of Banks that all offer savings accounts:

Alliance and Leicester Savings Accounts

Savers can get high rates of interest with Alliance and Leicester Savings Accounts. Why not apply for one online now!

Barclays Savings Accounts

Looking for a great savings account that can grow your money? Barclays Savings Accounts have the answer! Why not apply for one online now!

HSBC Savings Accounts

Want a high rate interest savings account? Pick one you the many HSBC Savings Accounts to suit your saving needs. Open an account now!

ICICI Savings Accounts

Looking for a high fixed rate saving account to grow your money? ICICI Savings Accounts have just that! Open an account today!

Nationwide Savings Accounts

Open a high interest rate saving account and see your money grow! Compare Nationwide Savings Accounts online!

Post Office Savings Accounts

Looking for a great online saving account that pays high rates of interest? Then take a look at Post Office Savings Accounts. Open an account now!

Scottish Widows Savings Accounts

Looking for high interest savings? Scottish Widows Savings Accounts will make the most from your money. Open an account now!

Their are many different types of savings accounts that you can open such as e-savings or online savings accounts, perfect for the online saver. Or you can open a cash isa and take advantage of the tax free amount of money you can save ever year. Fixed rate savings or fixed rate bonds offer saver a guarantee on their return every year; these usually have a length of term where you have to leave the money in. Instant access savings give saver access to their funds when ever they may need it. Savings for children with a child trust fund where family and friends can save for the child and help with the child’s future.

Compare savings accounts and get high rates of interest (AER) on the money you invest. Get benefits such as 24 hour online access and account management of your account, transfer your money whenever you like plus much more. Why not open a savings account today and start making the most of your money!

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