Barclays Savings Accounts

Barclays Savings Accounts

Looking for a great savings account that can grow your money? Barclays Savings Accounts have the answer! Why not apply for one online now!

Barclays Savings Accounts are great fpr personal savings and can make your cash work a lot harder. They have many types of savings accounts to choose from such as e-savings accounts, savings bonds, monthly savings and instant access savings.

Barclays Savings Accounts

Always great saving rates

Barclays Key Facts

  • Always great saving rates with high (AER)
  • Get instant access to your cash when you want to
  • If you save over a long period you get higher rewards
  • Online account access and management
  • Total access to your money 24 hours a day
  • Apply for a Barclays Savings Account online now!

Barclays have many savings accounts for personal banking such ass e-savings, tax free Barclays cash ISA, saving bonds giving a fixed rate of interest during the term. Barclays instant access savings where you don't have to give any notice to get your money out. Help plan for your child future with savings for children include Barclayplus and Child Trust Fund. Monthly Savings where you can make regular savings every month.

Barclays Bank today is one of the world’s llargest banks with over a thousand branches situated around the UK. They are a major player with investements and savings, so you can rest assured that your money is in great hands.

Barclays Savings Accounts contact details:
Address: 54 Lombard Street, London EC3P 3AH
Phone Number: 0800 085 2122

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