ICICI Savings Accounts

ICICI Savings Accounts

Looking for a high fixed rate saving account to grow your money? ICICI Savings Accounts have just that! Open an account today!

ICICI Savings Accounts offer a high fixed rate of interest on their saving products plus they are easy and quick to open. So open an account now!

ICICI Savings Accounts

High fixed rate saving account

ICICI Key Facts

  • HISave Savings Account
  • Competitive fixed rate of interest
  • Secure access 24 hours a day
  • Manage your account totally online
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • 6 months to 4 year terms
  • Compare an ICICI Savings Account now!

HiSAVE Fixed Rate Accounts offer a fixed high interest rate with a mimium deposit of one thousand pounds and a term of between six and four years.

The ICICI Bank is one of the top banks trading in India and has done so for many years now. ICICI Bank UK PLC provides investment banking opportunites for consumers located in Europe and the UK. You can contact them through one the twelve branches that are located in the UK, their website or their telephone banking facility.

ICICI Credit Card contact details:
Address: ICICI Bank UK PLC, 21 Knightsbridge, Near Hyde Park, London SW1X7LY
Phone Number: 0800 068 5688
Website: www.icicibank.co.uk

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