ING Savings Accounts

ING Savings Accounts

Want a good high rate savings account? Compare ING Savings Accounts online now!

Opening one of the many ING Savings Accounts is easy and you can start straight way with a mimium deposit of just £1. Choose from Fixed Rate, Growth Saver, Bonus Saver, Variable Rate and Cash ISAs.

ING Savings Accounts

Compare saving rates online

ING Key Facts

  • ING Direct Savings Accounts
  • High fixed interest rates
  • Easy Access
  • Deposit just £1 to open an account
  • No Penalties if you decide to move your money around
  • Secure website
  • Compare an ING Savings Account now!

Saving can feel good with an account from ING Direct where you can have access to all your cash when you want to, there are no charges or penalties for withdrawing your money. Interest rates on some accounts are guaranteed for twelve months. Choose from fixed rates, growth saver, bonus saver and cash ISA. Just a few simple ways to make your money grow.

ING Direct is a top bank operating all over the world and has over twenty one million costomers. It is owned by the ING Group.

ING Savings Accounts contact details:
Address: ING Direct, FREEPOST NATW1784, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1BR
Phone Number: 0845 850 0092

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